Decentralization Will Make Liberia A Better Nation, Says Acting Minister Sirleaf

Acting Minister Sirleaf
Acting Minister Sirleaf
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MONROVIA, December 10, 2015:Acting Internal Affairs Minister Varney A. Sirleaf has said the effective implementation of Liberia’s decentralization program will not only make the nation a better place for the current generation, but also for posterity.

Sirleaf observed that the decentralization program will enhance citizens and community participation in local governance as well as set the stage for interactions and reconciliation among Liberians.

Minister Sirleaf made the statement Wednesday during the signing of a US$5 million agreement between the governments of Liberia and Sweden aimed at supporting the Liberian Decentralization Support Program (LSDP) during 2016 and 2017.

Sirleaf stressed that the government remains committed to fast-tracking the decentralization program by making the people relevant in local governance as well as creating the enabling environment for the people to take ownership of the program.


“Decentralization remains high on the government's development agenda, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs is going to be the driving force in achieving this goal,” Sirleaf noted.

He observed that the creation of more County Service Centers (CSC) around the country will help enhance the process, thereby replicating government’s operations in many parts of the country.

“CSC is the first under the decentralization program, the people are pleased to know that services are coming to them,” he noted.

Sirleaf noted that the numerous challenges faced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in enhancing the country’s decentralization program should not be seen as a weakness, as the MIA is currently in the process of strengthening the implementation of the program.

Text credit: LINA