Calm returns to Karweaken as Minister Sirleaf handle City Council standof

Minister Sirleaf calms protesters
Minister Sirleaf calms protesters
Photo Credit: MIA
Fish Town, Rivergee County : Internal Affairs Minister Honorable Varney Sirleaf on Sunday, June 28,2020 resolved a confusion between the City Mayor of Kanweaken City on one hand, and district #1 Representative Alexander Porh and residents of Karweaken on the other hand.
Upon his arrival in County, Minister Sirleaf was greeted with huge protest against Mayor Jerome Chelleh by business people, motorcyclists, youth and women on grounds that the Mayor is using force to implement the City Ordinance, imposing huge fees and unilaterally running the City without a City Council, among other accusations.
At the end, the minister requested setting up of the City Council which will lead to review of the ordinance and the charges therein.
The Internal Affairs Minister called for mutual respect.