MIA settles boundary dispute in Rivergee; as Minister Sirleaf stresses peaceful co-existence

During the signing ceremony
During the signing ceremony
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Fish Town, Rivergee County: July 2, 2020: citizens of two Districts of Rivergee County namely Chedepo and Potupo have finally settled their long running boundary dispute, days after a dialogue initiated by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Honorable Varney A. Sirleaf.
Minister Sirleaf is leading a delegation the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), the Liberia Peacebuilding office(PBO) and Liberia Land Authority(LLA)
According to oral historical accounts, the dispute is dated as far back as the year 1965 when disagreement over the boundary started between the towns of Geeken in Chedepo District and Gbarquiah in Potupo District respectively.
Since then, there have several attempts to resolve the problem but to no avail. Previous interventions resolved in setting up a buffer zone. This buffer zone has also contributed to recent clashes as both towns began farming in the area.
The Minister held a meeting in which both sides presented arguments. There was also visit to the disputed land, while surveyors took coordinates.
At the end, both parties agreed to divide the disputed land into half, thus settling the disputed perpetually.
Thereafter, a resolution was signed by both parties and witnessed by civil society actors, religious community, United Nations, Gender Coordinator, the County Administration and the Minister.
Meanwhile, the Minister Sirleaf has ordered the County Administration to ensure the immediate planting of cornerstone and billboard at the new border point.
It can be recalled the two tribal settlements have been in violent clashes to the extent of a recent brushing and destruction of a rice farm belonging to the people Potupo-Gbarquiah allegedly by the people of Chedepo-Geeken on grounds that the disputed area falls within their(Chedepo-Geeken) tribal land.