WIE, Hon. Paulita C.C.

Dep. Min./Urban Affairs
WIE, Hon. Paulita C.C.


Hon. Paulita C.C Wie is a Noble Ambassador for the Kingdom of God on Earth. She is an accomplished professional with over fifteen (15) years of comprehensive and professional experiences in managerial skills and administration.

She is a successful business woman, and a humanitarian with National and International traceable track records. A public servant and a leader, a woman who believes in team work and spirit of unity plus love for citizens. She believes in empowering and building the capacities of young people through education, and empowerment of women through Agriculture, Financial micro loans, Skill training programs, projects and community engagements. She loves to work with people in Slum Communities, people with disabilities, vulnerable youths, “Pem-pem” Boys, Wheel Barrow Boys, elders, and people with diverse political backgrounds.

Hon. Wie was the Ways and Means Chair for the Coalition of Political Women of Liberia (COPWIL).She also served as Special Assistant to the Peace Ambassador George Manneh Weah.  She is a political icon who fought tirelessly in her political institution in making sure women voices are heard and their rights protected. Working with people in slum communities, persons with disabilities and engaging in community initiatives and developments have been her passion over the years. She strongly believes in working collectively to impact her Nation, people and is always willing to serve humanity in whatever positive way available to her.


Hon. Wie holds a Certificate from Getting Ready to Lead (GRTL), Women Leadership program, National Democratic Institute / USAID.February 2017.


She also holds a Certificate, Women Leadership program master series class, level one in policy development National Democratic Institute / USAID.February 2017.  Certificate, School of Ministry

Training in Kingdom principles and service to God and humanity

Bethel Cathedral of Hope Church 2016.


Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology, Management minor from A.M.E Zion University, Benson Street, Monrovia April 2012.

Diploma in Secretarial Science, Leigh-Sherman Executive Secretarial School, Fiamah, Monrovia,April 2005

Certificate in Computer Science, Leigh-Sherman Community College, April 2005.

Certificate, Coordination Framework for management and office procedure Accra, Ghana 2014

High School Diploma, College of West Africa 1998.