Boundary Dispute Resolution and Local Government Orientation opens in Nimba

Min Sirleaf in Ganta
Min Sirleaf in Ganta
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Gompa City, Nimba County. September 17, 2018: Local Government officials of the 15 Counties and others appointed by the President of Liberia at the Ministry of Internal Affairs central office are attending a 3-day intensive Local Governance Orientation and training organized by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in partnership with the Carter center (TCC).

Speaking during the opening, Internal Affairs Minister Honorable Varney A. Sirleaf said the gathering is meant for recently appointed local government workers including Ministry of Internal Affairs’ central appointees to properly understand functions of their respective offices as well as their roles in the governance process of the state in line with the vision of President George Manneh Weah.

“This gathering is very important, because it will enhance effectiveness and efficiency for our appointees in various posts whether at the Central office or in the Counties and ensure the Pro-poor Agenda is achieved at the local government level” Minister Sirleaf reiterated.

The training began on Monday September 17, 2018 in Gompa City, Nimba County and will run till Wednesday, September 19, 2018.

Minister Sirleaf on Monday made presentations on the roles of various local Government structures. Experts from the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning MFDP, the Governance Commission GC, Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC), Civil Service Agency CSA amongst others are to make Presentations on topics including, understanding and compliance with the PFM law, PPCC regulations, civil service regulations on hiring and firing, Decentralization, communal farming etc.

Meanwhile, the first day saw County Superintendents making full reports of boundary disputes in their respective counties.

At the same time, a brainstorming session was held yesterday to identify a collective approach through which boundary dispute cases can be amicably resolved.